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Occasionally, I experience one of those little moments in life that remind me that I'm not alone. Here is a collection of moments that, while small, I have not taken for granted.

The Cash Register

I've found that solitary, long walks in the mountain snow are always conducive to reflection. It's very hard to have negative thoughts when Nature is covered with a brilliant veil of pristine snow. All is silent except for the steps I take with my snowshoes, the trickling sounds of water running in tiny creeks, a bird leaving its perch when I approach, the thump of snow falling from a branch, and my breath as I climb a steep path. On the way back I love to stop in the village to get a raspberry cream cake with hot cocoa.

One day, I had just come back from a 10k walk through the snow and ice in the stunning Bavarian mountains. It was sunny and very beautiful.

I stopped at a store but was in a hurry because I was supposed to meet my husband at our hotel, and I was running late. As soon as I reached the long line of people waiting to go through the only available cash register, a store employee walked toward me and pointed for me to go to the other, unmanned cash register. I felt a bit embarrassed because I thought someone in front of me should have been invited to start the new line. I also thought it was strange because normally, a cashier would have simply opened the new cash register and people would have shifted lanes to line up.

As I paid, other people started to line up behind me but then, for some reason, the saleswoman closed her cash register and left. It really puzzled me because the other line was still at least as long as before.

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This was a Wink from Above. Thank you up there! It was one of those times when I wonder if I've stepped into another dimension.

A Laugh from Above

It's not unusual for me to get up very early in the morning and sit in a lounge chair in the bedroom to meditate, write, and sometimes connect with my Guides. One day, my husband got up to make coffee and, not realizing I was "astral travelling," touched my leg gently to ask if I wanted him to bring me some coffee. Being awakened so suddenly from a trance-like channeling with my Guides freaked me out, and I screamed and cried for a minute or so.

When I came back to my senses, I heard snickering. One of my Guides made a comment that, at the time, seemed kind of judgmental; "T'was a bit dramatic, wasn't it?"

I was a bit put off, but it didn't last long. To be judgmental is a human trait. Our Guides don't have it. I took it as someone mocking me and didn't like it at the time because I was too shaken to see the humor in it. But eventually, I realized that it was very funny.

The voice was so clear that I still hear it once in a while. And today, when I think of that episode, it makes me smile. Yes, our Guides have a great sense of humor.

The Uber Ride

A few years ago, at the end of my stay in Paris, I called an Uber to pick me up and take me from the city to a hotel near the Charles de Gaulle Airport. My plane back to the States was leaving early the following morning, and I always find it less stressful to spend the night before at a hotel near the airport.

The driver was a young man. He was very polite, but we barely had left the hotel before I started feeling tension. I could tell something was bothering him. We started talking, and soon he began to share all the anger he had toward his ex-girlfriend. He was expressing quite vehemently how much he wanted to hurt her.

I let him vent for a while but finally had to say, "You have to be very careful; you'll hurt yourself a lot in the process." I don't remember exactly how he responded.

This ride usually takes at least one hour, but the next thing I heard was a voice saying, "we've arrived." I had fallen asleep and woke up already in front of my hotel near the airport. This was a surprise, but even more surprising was the fact that the young man had tears in his eyes. He thanked me for my advice and told me I was right. Puzzled, I got out of the car, and he helped me with my luggage. Then he asked if he could get a hug.

It was a surprising request because it's usually not something a young man in his position would ask a woman, but, of course, I hugged him. He thanked me again and said he would follow my advice. But I didn't know what the advice was. I had fallen asleep and didn't remember saying anything. That was odd.

Seeing how the young man was so affected by what I don't remember saying, I knew I must have entered a state of spontaneous Channeling. Could I have found the right words to help him calm down if I had remained in a normal state? Maybe not.

It must have been an intervention from Above. After all, the driver was extremely angry, and that's never a safe state to be in when driving for over an hour on a very busy highway. Maybe it was an intervention by our Guardian Angels and Guides.

The Overheard Conversation

When my friend Naomi was in her twenties and living on the West Coast, she had dental surgery. Her parents were driving her home, and she was in the back seat of the car, still somewhat drugged from the procedure. Suddenly and clearly, she heard a conversation between her younger brother and his wife. Which was odd as they lived 3000 miles away on the East Coast, and there were no cell phones at that time.

Naomi heard someone say "Darn! The condom broke and we're pregnant." They already had two children, a boy and a girl, and Naomi was aware that they hadn't anticipated having any more. She listened in amazement, thinking it was strange and assuming it must be the effect of the drugs.

A couple of weeks later, her brother called their mother to announce that his wife was pregnant with their third, unplanned child. Naomi decided to not say anything about the conversation she had "heard" in the car because it was just too weird to bring up. Years later, during a conversation with her brother about his youngest child, he explained that "He really wanted to come into this world because we had an accident—the condom broke."

So, it wasn't the drugs after all! Naomi was amazed that what she had "heard" was validated—she experienced a moment of Clairaudience. Nonetheless, she was glad she hadn't shared the experience with anyone. It could have made her brother and his wife quite uncomfortable.

The Book by the Gate

One Saturday night, as my husband and I were leaving for the Miss Brazil-Belgium competition, I noticed a book titled Ce Soir, Je Veillerai Sur Toi (Tonight, I'll Watch Over You) sitting on the electrical box just outside our entry gate. We had seen junk items and empty cans left on that spot for years, but never a book. As we were in a hurry, I grabbed it and put it inside the courtyard on the patio without even looking at what it was all about.

When we came back, I discovered the book told the story of an Angel helping a little girl. This happened at the beginning of my training as a healer, after I had spent the week getting acquainted with the Ascended Masters, our team of Celestial Helpers and the Angels. I found that "gift" quite unusual but very appropriate.

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